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About Us

Simple Auto Trading is an automated trading tool that generates trading signals and executes trades automatically to the user’s broker account.

Trading binary options have never been easier. Our trading systems are free of charge and very simple to use.

Our Trading System

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Classic System

the safest, regular increase

The safest system that will never deviate from the amount that you set up. You are always able to increase or lower the trade amount.
Our classic system is the first choice among beginners in binary options.

Martingale System

if you want faster profits

The Martingale system has been used by many traders for a long time and we decided to implement it in out Simple Auto Trading software as well.
This system will allow you faster profits, however, the risk is higher as well.

Fibonacci System


Simple Auto Trading enables you with the simple usage of Fibonacci System. This system is very accurate and it modifies your trade size in accordance to the signal results. It is known to work great with currency pairs.

It Works Thanks To Our Trading Indicators!

TREND Indicator

The Trend Indicators in binary options work on a moving average scale. Trend Indicator finds the average price trend for the specific asset. If the current price is higher than that average, the asset is in up trend. If the current price is lower than the average, the asset is in down trend. Many experienced traders use this indicator in conjunction with another indicator looking for matches.

RSI Indicator

RSI stands for Relative Strength Index. Statistics show that the RSI indicator is one of the most popular indicators among binary option professional traders. The RSI Indicator measures the technical momentum of an asset by measuring speed and change of prices. The RSI oscillates between 0 and 100. Traditionally the RSI is considered overbought when it is above 70 and oversold when below 30. 

Williams Indicator

The Williams Indicator is a momentum indicator that measures overbought and oversold levels. The Williams Indicator is quite similar to the Stoch Indicator but uses a different calculation method. Many traders use the Williams and Stoch Indicators side by side to look for agreements. Upwards go up to a 94% win rate when the 2 are used in conjunction.

MACD Indicator

Moving Average Convergence Divergence or MACD Indicators is a sophisticated indicator that uses two moving averages. The 26-day exponential moving average is subtracted from the 12-day exponential moving average. The system then places a 9-day exponential moving average on top of this procedure and uses it as the trigger to buy or sell signals. Most traders use it in conjunction with another indicator.

CCI Indicator

The Commodity Channel Index or the CCI Indicator showed great results in commodity trading. It was also tested on various other assets too and therefore we, at Simple Auto Trading, decided to include it into his platform as well. CCI Indicator compares current prices with the moving average. The Indicator is showing great results in predicting overbought and oversold assets.

Stoch Indicator

The Stoch or Stochastic Indicator has been developed in the 50’s and it’s recognized as a very successful measure of asset momentum. Stoch Indicator is basically a mirror image of the Williams Indicator. The main difference is that Williams Indicator uses momentum on relative highs, Stock Indicator uses momentum scale to reflect lows. Both Indicators show similar results using opposite sides. Professional traders are using them together to eliminate bad signals.

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Binary Options Auto Trader at Simple Auto Trading

It was quite obvious from the very start that binary options trading came to represent a new turn when it came to trading. In fact, what was once reserved for the elite group of traders suddenly became available to a much, much wider populace. It is then completely understandable that binary auto trader, when it appeared on the market, drew in even more people eager to trade and make a profit.

While binary options trading is known as a much simpler kind of online asset trading, what binary auto trader robot managed to bring about is an even more direct, and simpler approach to trading which enables even inexperienced traders a profitable experience.

The Role of Binary Auto Trader at Simple Auto Trading

While millions of satisfied traders all around the world know about the advantages of binary options trading as well as using binary auto trader robot (or binary robots) there are plenty of those who still do not know enough about this innovative trading venture.

Binary options are based on a simple principle – traders, based on available information about the market, make an educated guess about the most likely price direction.

Basically, the prices can either go up or down while the assets available are usually sorted into four distinct groups:

    • Commodities

    • Currencies

    • Indices

    • Stocks

However, unlike other traditional ways of trading, with binary options, traders do not buy the asset but rather trade the price direction.

Naturally, as with all financial dealing, certain risks are present but binary options traders cannot lose more than they have invested. This is a fairly straightforward manner of trading and, with some time, effort and available education materials it is possible to generate a neat profit from trading binaries.

Yet, with all this, traders still need financial knowledge and some skill and some are not willing to wait. And others are too afraid to even try due to their lack of experience.

That is what prompted the creation of binary auto trader systems. Unlike manual binary options trading, the binary auto trader basically does most of the work. Binary traders still retain the overall control as they are the ones who need to adjust all the settings and they have to be online when the actual trading process takes place.

This ensures that traders know what is happening at all times and the possibility of scam is significantly reduced.

Modus Operandi of Binary Auto Trader Robot and Simple Auto Trading

The actual way binary auto trader robot work is fairly simple. The trading system is based on the complex, advanced algorithm which scans the market searching for the most profitable trades (based on the preferences set by the traders). Once the scanning process is done the binary robot generates signals and places the trades.

Obviously, done this way, the binary options trading process is far less stressful for the traders. Even those who are complete beginners and lack experience stand a chance of achieving profits.

Of course, there are plenty of available binary auto trader systems on the market and they do vary. Some might only trade in one type of asset, some may have more trading strategies which traders can switch on and off and some might be connected to more binary brokers.

The bottom line is, with binary auto trader robot systems every trader has a chance of achieving success.

Successful Binary Auto Trader Robot Systems

It would be naive to expect that every binary auto trader robot system is equally successful. While they all do operate in much the same way, some provide more quality than others and have a solid track record among the binary traders.

As with all and every financial dealings, we urge potential traders to familiarize themselves with the risks involved and study disclaimer note. Equally, we also encourage them to contact the customer support and ask questions and/or seek further clarification on matters they find confusing. Regardless of which product traders ultimately decide to use, in utilizing binary auto trader systems the trading process is simpler, faster and far less demanding for the trader, especially when that trader is inexperienced and is still learning.

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